Practices Used

Rotation of Crops:

We rotate Corn and Soybeans across all of our acres and occasionally plant wheat in order to accomplish maintenance to farms in the summer months.   

High Population Corn:

We plant corn in a narrow row with higher populations and have found several agronomic benefits in doing so.  We utilize more of the soil and have better weed control in crop with better moisture utilization all season.  We have also observed increases in organic matter due to the higher fodder volume after harvest. 

Variable Rate Fertilizer:

All farms are soil sampled every other year and we use this data to build a specific nutrient plan for every acre within the farm.  Nutrients are applied by prescription to provide the best financial return while minimizing the chance for environmental side effects. 

Variable Rate Seeding:

All farms are seeded with variable rate seeding, this allows us to tailor seed inputs properly for every acre.    

Minimal Tillage:

We use minimal tillage practices in the spring in order to tame the soil for planting while not destroying the subsoil structure.  Fall tillage practices vary depending on ground condition and need.


All fields are scouted and chemical applications are made by licensed and qualified personnel.